Super Tough Truck Maintenance Shops

  »  Designed for tough mining operations  

  »  Fastrak installation for rapid mobilization
  »  Relocatable to follow mine operations

  »  Packaged for multi mode transport to remote locations


  1. Truck Access Portals

  2. Modularized Heavy Load Floor / Apron System

  3. Modularized Offices / Changeroom / Stores

  4. Modularized Lube Oil Storage/Distribution System

  5. Rapid Extraction Venting System

  6. Modularized Heavy Lift Mobile Gantrys

  7. Enclosed Washbay and Infloor Collection System

  8. Infloor Spill Containment System
  9. Indirect Heating System

  10. Area Work Lighting System

  11. Fire Safety System

 1. Two Bay Drive Thru Truck Shop   
  40 meters wide x 30 meters long x 20 meter high OD
  (Examples below shows 797 CAT 400 ton haul trucks)


For 4 Bay Truck Shop see below

2. Four Bay Truck Shop

 40 meters wide x 45 meters long x 20 meter high OD
(Examples below shows 797 CAT 400 ton haul trucks) 

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