Enclosure Details

         Basic Enclosure


  1. Double walled pressurized vinyl air pillow
  2. Structural steel frame

Genius of the ARC Design:

  • Meets/exceeds regional snow and wind loads
  • Designed in safety combined with durability and flexibility
  • Double wall shell for high insulation factors
  • Rapid installation, relocation and re-installation
  • No permanent concrete foundations
  • No internal air pressure or air locks required
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally neutral

ARC Multi Bay Enclosure

Simply align 15 meter bays and join for infinite length of enclosure. Add end walls and accessories such as doors and building services for a complete weather protected environment.

ARC End Walls

  • Non load-bearing structural wind posts
  • Vinyl air pillows
  • Door openings as required (see Accessories)


Patent Pending
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