Enclosure Accessories

1. Modular Flooring System

Covering all or part of the floor area, the ARC flooring system is comprised of a gravel sub base, an environmental protection membrane (optional) and high strength lock together flooring panels. The system is fast to install and when removed for relocation, no environmental legacy is left behind. The flooring system can be designed for medium loads such as light equipment and vehicle traffic and/or significant loads such as heavy haul trucks and large point loading at jacking points. 

ARC's preferred sub supplier for flooring panels is Rola-Trac.

2. Major Access Portals

The ARC enclosure is designed to accommodate most manufactured door systems which fit into an ARC frame for installation into the end or side walls of the enclosure. Positioning the portals in the end walls allows for any size or number of access portals. Portals can be placed in the sidewall but may have certain size and position limitations.

ARC's preferred supplier for large doors is MegaDoor. MegaDoor doors are a high strength vinyl door that opens or closes vertically with electric drives of various speeds and is designed for flexibility, robust applications, reliability and safety.

3. Supplementary Snow Management System

The ARC enclosure is designed to accommodate moderate snow loads. For installation in snow regions that may have heavier daily snowfall events ARC will provide a snow management system that includes two major technologies: 

  • hot air circulation inside the air mats to melt falling or accumulated snow,
  • periodic cycling of industrial heat mats (snow mats) installed at the apex of the enclosure during extra heavy snow events.  
4. Air Management Systems

The ARC enclosure can accommodate most air quality management systems.

ARC has the in-house capacity to design and supply fit for purpose air management systems for a wide range of client applications.

5. Lighting Systems

The ARC enclosure vinyl shell has a high degree of reflectivity which provides a number of excellent options for lighting systems including:

Ground level bounce lighting,
Suspended high elevation lighting,
and/or l
ocalized area lighting.

ARC design team will work with the client to design the optimum lighting strategy for the specific applications.

6. Alternate Power Generation

The ARC enclosure requires a relatively small amount of power to operate. Power demand will be sized primarily by the clients selection of building services such as lighting, air management and snow management system.

The ARC design team will work with the client to determine power demand and select the optimum option for power supply.  This may be a direct connection to the local power grid and/or a stand alone packaged power generation unit.

7. Transport Containerization

The ARC enclosure and the associated accessories are designed for packaging in ISO containers for multi mode transport including highway, air, and sea transport.

Packaged components include:

Structural steel arches, ridge trusses and wind posts,
Vinyl air mats and end walls,
Ground anchors,

Module flooring panels,
Major access portal parts,
Snow mats,
Air management equipment modules,
Lighting equipment,
Power distribution component modules, and

Power generation modules







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