THE ARC BUILDING can be used for a wide range of construction applications. 
A few examples are illustrated below.  ARC designers can model your application for your consideration.

All Weather Construction for Process Plants


All Weather Construction for Heavy Civil Works


All Weather Concrete or Asphalt Batch Plant Operation



Enclose large construction areas from civil works though to completion

  • Enhance workplace safety
  • Mitigate weather effected productivity losses
  • Reduce snow and rain schedule delays
  • Studies on a Canadian project show on a 26 month construction program with 2 winters and 250,000 workhours utilizing an ARC enclosure may save $7,000,000+ in costs and 10 weeks+ in schedule reduction.  
           Create the Workers 'Site of Choice'

Construct major concrete structures under the enclosure in severe winter seasons

  • Eliminate winter shutdown of civil projects
  • Fastrak relocation for multiple set ups
  • Combine with enclosed batch plant

Realize significant schedule acceleration

Operate batch plant all year round

  • Internally stored aggregate and cement always meets spec - temperature and moisture controlled
  • Continuous batching of high quality concrete 24/7
  • Fastrak relocations to follow project

 Support major concrete pours all seasons


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