ARC Design Build

ARC provides the following design/build services:

1. Focus studies and scenario planning for prospective enclosure applications which includes:
  • consultations with the client to understand the enclosure application in the projects site environment: ie weather, work type, logistics, etc.
  • assessment of added value utilizing ARC Widespan technology over conventional project implementation
  • development of preliminary enclosure configurations complete with 3D modeling of the application
  • development of enclosure implementation plan and schedule which aligns with clients program
  • compilation of an order of magnitude estimate
  • presentation of preliminary design, estimate and implementation plan to client for consideration
2. Fit for purpose enclosure delivery program (should the client elect to proceed with the next level of definition)  which includes:
  • finalizing design of 'fit for purpose' enclosure complete with specific site anchors, major access portals and building services
  • establishing firm delivery dates and costs for subcomponents
  • maximizing local purchasing opportunities to optimize costs
  • determining definitive shipping plan
  • compiling installation method statement and schedule for the specific site for initial installation and subsequent relocations
  • presentation of quote to client including cost and schedule for consideration

3. Basic design/build (should the client place an order) includes:

  • design and manufacturing of enclosure, attachment and building services
  • delivery to site for offloading by client or ARC as required
  • technical guidance to client's team for installation and commissioning of the enclosure
  • filing design with local authorities for required permits or approvals

4. Developing an enclosure acquisition program that aligns with the clients implementation program and may include:

  • direct purchase
  • simple lease or lease to own
  • simple rent or rent to own 








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